School Leaders

Castletown Primary School is developing and encouraging student leadership opportunities for our senior students.


Our Student Councillors are led by our Head Boy, Harrison Naylor and Head Girl, Isabelle Cox.  Our Year 6 Student Councillors are Jayme Ammon, Bree Boydell, Mitchell Green, James Powell, John Ramsell, Ella Roper, Alice Terrell and Taliah Walsh.


Our Student Councillors each have a portfolio for which they are responsible. The four portfolios are:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Promoting the School
  • Sustainability
  • STEM


For Sports related activities, Castletown Primary School has Faction Captains.  These students assist Miss Ebbott (our Sports Teacher) with events such as the Athletics Carnival, Swimming Carnival and our new Whole School Sports Program.


Our Faction Captains and Vice-Captains are:


Challenger (Blue) - Jaiden Hillbrick (C), Holly Paxton (C), Ryan Thomas (V) and Isabelle Cox (V)


Cygnet (Gold) - Dylan Walker (C), Layne Varea (C), Taj Tate (V) and Hayley Gallop (V)


Parmelia (Green) - Tim Fetherston (C), Chloe Seivwright (C), Christian Moulden (V) and Madison Hunt (V)


Success (Red) - James Powell (C), Teliah Timms (C), Jack Muir (V) and Jayme Ammon (V)


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