Student Leaders 2019

Following the implementation of a new selection process to identify our student leaders and to establish new roles and responsibilities in 2018, the school is committed to maintaining this process and create avenues for all students to have leadership opportunities in 2019.

In 2019, the school will identify 8 Student Leaders. There will be 4 girls and 4 boys. The 2019 focus for student leadership and the selection process was explained and discussed with Year 5 students this week.

Four key student leadership portfolios have been identified as:

  1. Promoting the school — media, marketing, acknowledging and celebrating.
  2. Health and wellbeing — Virtues Program, buddy support, mentoring, safe play.
  3. Sustainability — recycling, environmental focus (gardens, compost, chickens).
  4. Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) —- STEM challenges at lunch, linking with other schools, supporting the Design/Make/Appraise model.

Year 5 students will be supported to consider applying to be a Student Leader. Students complete a nomination form. A selection panel, including the Principal, a Teacher, a School Board member and a Community representative will shortlist the applicants. If necessary, the Selection Panel will meet with students deemed suitable. They will discuss the student's willingness to fulfil the Student Leader role as expected.

Please note, that during the first week of term 1 in 2019, the Admin Team and respective Teachers will be supporting students to consider nominating. We would be delighted if parents could engage with their child to further their understanding of what is required and to assist them with the nomination.

The Administration Team and Year 6 Teachers are deeply committed to supporting the process for nomination and selection. We are also committed to supporting the development of enhanced leadership oppoltunities with specific portfolio responsibilities.

Nomination forms will be available from the School Office in 2019.

Ashley Weckert
Associate Principal

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