Presentation Assembly 2018

The Assembly, hosted by our Principal, Mr Colin Brand, began with the traditional Acknowledgement of Country spoken by Year 6 students Tajaieah Graham and Grace Henderson.  Mrs Liddelow conducted the school to sing the National Anthem and Head Girl, Isabelle Cox, led the school in saying the School Creed.

Our combined Senior and Junior Choir performed the emotional song "This is Me" from the Greatest Showman.  Their beautiful singing, with solos by Brianna Barnes and Emmalee Wood, left a tear in many parents' and teachers' eyes.

The Class Book awards and Specialist Teacher awards were presented throughout the assembly interspersed by performances from the students and special awards.

Class Book and Specialist Teacher Award Winners




Student's Name



Miss Kara Auricht

Ms Greta Ayres

Lincoln Humphrys

Isabelle Stratton



Mrs Wendy Weckert

Mrs Amanda Pratt

Zac Haberley

Adelayde Humphrys



Mrs Adele Baldwin

Mrs Jemma Gallop

Ruby Riggs

James Woosnam



Miss Eloise Young

Mrs Sharna Lovejoy

Koen Walker

Stephanie Bennier



Mrs Beth Brown

Mrs Rae Maguire

Mia Farmer

Scarlette Folvig

Year 1


Ms Kim Kidd

Seth-Alexander Patton

Chelsea Richardson

Year 1


Miss Lauren Stokes

Kyle Durrant

Onali Herath

Year 1


Mrs Helen Florisson

Lilly Ramm

Cody Henderson

Year 1/2


Mrs Maggie Tolman

Mrs Jemma Gallop

Joel Pike

Remy Schmidt

Year 2


Mrs Angie Dixon

Mr Brent Moss

Daniel Chitarra

Lacey Zani

Year 2


Mrs Sandra Callow

Mrs Julie Palmer

Briana Casey

Lukas McDonald

Year 3


Mrs Kate Ainsworth

Savanah Durrant

Jayden Arnold

Year 3


Ms Michelle Holthouse

Olivia Stephen

Nick Terrell

Year 3


Miss Madison Graham

Mia Templeton

Rory Giorgiante

Year 4


Mrs Nicola Rose

Bronte Florisson

Taj Spencer

Year 4


Ms Shaneen Coupar

Daniel Blakely

Demi Hunter

Year 5


Mr Adrian Moore

Tahkiya Cordes

Tom Nesbitt

Year 5


Mrs Terri Cartmill

Zoe O'Sullivan

Lloyd Henderson

Year 5/6


Mr Alan Chamberlain

Dane Bailey

Katie Goodwin

Year 6


Miss Jacqui Tonkin

Kaylee Allison

Christian Moulden

Year 6


Mrs Shirelea Garvey

Bree Boydell

Montanah Miller

Learning AreaTeacherStudent
FrenchMrs Richelle Lee-SteereOlivia Stephen
MusicMrs Andrea LiddelowEmmalee Wood
SportMiss Sarah EbbottMason Cowcher
TechnologiesMrs Julie FetherstonKai Bellenger


100% Attendance Certificat
e Winners
Students who attended school every day of 2018 were awarded a special certificate for their 100% attendance at school.  

Year LevelStudents
KLogan Anderson, Eleanor Bourne, Savannah Hogg, Chace Lehman, Khaleesi Searle
PPEva Smith
Year 1Katie Bourne, Alexander Hay, Dhakota Houston, Olly Munzer, Micheal Nguyen, Charlie Wood
Year 2Quinn Ian Libo-On, Lola-Rose Ridgway
Year 3Shikira Munzer, Oliver Rose, Mia Templeton
Year 4Benjamin Balsdon, Kayne Maguire
Year 5Katelyn Maguire, Harry Templeton, James Wilson
Year 6Hayley Dickerson

Virtues Mega-Draw Raffle

Every day students are able to 'earn' raffle tickets from their teachers for demonstrating virtues from our school Virtues Program.  These tickets are placed in a raffle box and every assembly two students are drawn out and awarded a canteen voucher.  All the raffle tickets are then compiled into one box for the Mega-Raffle at the Presentation Assembly.  The winners of the Virtues Mega-Raffle were:
1st Prize - Lara Smallman
2nd Prize - Destiny Fels
3rd Prize - Jacob Waldock

Year 3 ELF Awards
Every year, the Esperance Library Friends (ELF), sponsor Year 3 Reader Encouragement Awards to promote the enjoyment of reading.
The 2018 ELF Award recipients were:
Room 13 - Isabelle Crawley
Room 14 - Jace Dell'Agostino
Room 1 - Ruby Heather

Phase of Learning Performances
Each Phase of Learning Team coordinated a performance for the assembly.  Our Kindy-Pre-Primary Students performed the song "When Santa Got Stuck the Chimney" entertaining us with their voices for each part.  The Year 1-2 Students reminded "Santa Wear Your Shorts" for Christmas in Australia.  Our Year 3-4 students wished us "A Ripper Christmas" and our Year 5 students impressed us with their amazing memories as they recited "'Twas the Night Before Christmas".  The assembly ended with a robust version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" sung by the whole school.


Whole School Sports Faction Points Board and Shield
Miss Ebbott presented the school with a new Faction Points display board that will be used to display the faction points for each faction as awarded through Whole School Sports.  She also revealed the shield that would be awarded to the faction with the most faction points at the Graduation Assembly.

P&C Address and Presentation
Our P&C President, Mrs Sandra Prosser, gave an interesting and indepth review of the P&C projects from 2018 as part of her address.  She then presented Logan Anderson (K) with a special medallion for being our top Fundraiser for the P&C Colour Fun Run.

We would like to thank the P&C for sponsoring our Class and Specialist Book Prizes.

Julie Fetherston
Technologies Teacher

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