Principal's Message

The Presentation and Graduation Assemblies highlighted the very positive focus our teachers have afforded students to both enjoy school and to make good progress.

The exiting Year 6 students leave with our blessing and best wishes for the very exciting and challenging next phase of their schooling. They have all been really well supported, in their 8 years of Primary School and we look forward to hearing about the successes they have and milestones they reach in their High School years.

Sadly we say goodbye to a number of staff who are leaving Esperance:

  • Mr Chamberlain is returning to Perth to take up a position at a new school
  • Mrs Bowen is relocating with her family to Melbourne
  • Ms Ebbott is off to travel the world for 12 months

These staff members have each made a wonderful contribution to our school and all made a significant difference for kids. We thank them, they will be missed and we wish them every success and happiness.

I wish to pay tribute and thanks to the many fixed term and relief teachers who have worked in our school throughout this year. They have been fabulous, are held in very high regard and we look forward to working with all of them again in 2019.


Please note that we are in a period of changing enrolments! Throughout this Term we have monitored very closely the students enrolling, intending to enrol, leaving and intending to leave. Over this 10 week period we have had students both enrol and leave but the actual total enrolment has fallen from 508 to 497 for the 2019 school year. It was important to set classes, but final numbers at the start of the year will determine if changes need to be made.

The K-3 classes are essentially full. Further enrolments will force class changes. In the 4-6 classes we have good flexibility but if we have more students leave from this cohort we will have to make changes to these classes too. It is a difficult situation to manage well without the crystal ball, because the Christmas Vacation period is traditionally a time when families move and we are not always aware of those intending to leave or arrive. Please consider that we have the best interests of all our students at heart and I appreciate the opportunities I have had to work through concerns and issues with the families who have raised them.

I extend my best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy Christmas with your families and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Colin Brand


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