Principal's Message

Due to work and other commitments not everyone could attend.  Formally I wish to ensure that they all know their selfless contributions are deeply appreciated and highly valued by staff and students.

Tomorrow we host a special Presentation Assembly, to which you are all invited.  All teachers will present Book Prizes to two students from their respective classes.  Special 100% Attendance Certificates will be presented to the students who have attended school every day in 2018 and a Virtues Megadraw will be held to acknowledge the strong focus our school has on developing the Virtues Program.  Also many other acknowledgements and awards will be given out and P&C President Sandra Prosser will be our guest speaker.  We hope to see you there.

I have all but concluded our preparation for the 2019 school year and expect to list all class/teacher placements early next week.  Due to a significant fall in enrolments (566-504) it has been challenging to meet staffing requirements within a falling budget.  I have appreciated having the opportunity to respond to specific requests from parents who have particular needs to be met for their children.

In mid January, 22 teachers are flying to Perth to attend a sequence of Seminars focussed on Literacy and Learning from Kindergarten to Year 6.  I wish to thank these staff members for their commitment and dedication to attend during their holidays.  We believe that this professional learning focus will provide serious impetus to our school's drive to seriously change and improve literacy outcomes for all students.

Next Tuesday our Year 6 students will graduate.  Coming to the end of 8 years of education in Primary School, they will celebrate their time here and say farewell at a dignified and well organised Graduation Assembly.  More than 250 parents and family members of our Year 6 cohort have been invited to attend and we all look forward to this special event for our graduating students.

All student Reports for Semester 2 will be sent home on Friday.  This will give time for parents to make arrangements to meet with teachers before the last day of school should they have queries/concerns about their child's achievements and progress.

Colin Brand

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