Canteen Update - Canteen Closed for Term 1

What does this mean for parents?

There will be no food service at school for Term 1. We are sorry about this but we think that the benefits of having a revitalised canteen, where we supply healthy food to students and staff, using affordable and quality produce from local suppliers, outweigh any short term disadvantage.


Will there still be an online ordering service?

Yes, we will still be using the online ordering service. Any credit in your online account from Term 4 will be carried over until Term 2 2019.  We will give you plenty of notice so that you can begin ordering online again. You will then be able to update your online account with any changes (adding or removing students, updating classrooms etc). Alternatively you have until the end of Term 4 to run your account down.


Specials and discounted items until the end of Term 4

Because of the closure in Term 1 and for our stocktake at the end of the year; we will be marking down our (perishable) stocks. As it gets closer to the end of term the canteen prices will get cheaper so that all our stock is used up. You can follow these mark down prices on our facebook P&C page.

The canteen will be closed on Thursday 13 December (the last day of school) to allow the committee to stocktake and clean the canteen for the school holidays.


Want to be involved?

If you would like to volunteer next year in the canteen, or if you have any ideas or thoughts on the canteen that you would like to pass on, please email them through.

We also welcome expressions of interest for the position of Canteen Manager. This is not the job advertisement, as advertising will not occur until January/February 2019. 

For further information, contact the P&C President, Sandra, at

Sandra Prosser
P&C President

School Canteen Manager EOI Click here

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