Year 6 Transition Days

Led by the Year 7 coordinator and Year 7 CPS alumni student leaders, students initially grouped together at the flag poles before they were assigned into groups and began to make their way around for a whole school tour. 

Students enthusiastically and attentively attended class in the gymnasium for sport, the design and art rooms for Digital Technologies, science labs for Science and throughout the Junior Campus for English, Maths and HASS lessons.  Highlights of the day included loud chemical reactions in Science, Sport lessons in the gym with the music on and designing and making acrylic plastic key rings! 

Lunch time saw a variety of options including trading in welcome gift vouchers for icy-poles, socialising in the court yard and seeing what was available to students in the school's massive library. Students gathered altogether once more, at the end of the day, for a scavenger hunt around the school, following clues and collecting letters to make up the coded word,  'welcome'. Students finished with a short survey and were able to take the High School map home to study before their high school academic year begins in 2019.

Overall it was a fantastic opportunity for the Year 6s to become familiar with their future educational surroundings and begin to understand how the High School operational systems work. 

Best of luck to the graduating Year 6s who will be attending Esperance Senior High School next year 😊

Miss Jacqui Tonkin
Year 6 teacher

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