Principal's Message

Students Ryan Thomas, James Powell, Isaac Francis and Blayden Coussens were fabulous ambassadors for Castletown PS and competed with determination, pride and integrity.  Well done team and it was a pleasure to share a few pizzas with you to celebrate it.

This year we have again provided a significant learning and social expericence for our 2019 Kindergarten students.  Many thanks to Mrs Weckert for leading this fabulous program.  Feedback from parents has again been positive and it is well understood that each of our new Kindergarten students is happy, confident and excited about commencing school next year.
Many parents are wondering about class placements and teachers for 2019.  I wish to advise that we are working on this at present and fully expect to have this available before the end of term.  In that context, the rumour that we are just rolling up same classes for 2019 is not correct.  A particular complicating factor at present is the number of students leaving town and the numbers enrolling.  The transiency factor is quite high (numbers out versus numbers in) but overall our student population of 2019 is oscillating around 504 students (K-6).  Forming appropriate classes for 2019 is a strong focus for the school.
The 2018 school year is rapidly coming to an end and all staff are supporting every student to be positively engaged in their learning and to complete 2018 to the best of their ability.
Should you have any queries or concerns then please contact me at the school.

Colin Brand

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